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The Waterfowl of North America: The Complete Ducks, Geese, and Swans

For those who find joy in the sight and sound of the panoply of North American wildlife, The Waterfowl of North America is an indispensable book. With the clear-eyed accuracy of a scientist and the insight and affection of a portraitist, Robin Hill depicts North America's 51 species in full-page colour plate (after watercolours). Essays by emeritus director of the Smithsonian Institution S. Dillon Ripley and by the artist himself introduce the paintings and explore the importance of waterfowl in our lives — as visually beautiful animals, as fascinating social creatures, and as sensitive barometers for measuring the state of our continent's delicate rivers, wetlands, and marshlands.

Arranged in accordance with the American Ornithologists Union Checklist, the paintings — each accompanied by distribution maps and authoritative technical descriptions by Paul A. Johnsgard — represent a complete catalogue of North American waterfowl.

The Waterfowl of North America

In addition to the large colour plates, dozens of pencil studies throughout the book provide intimate glimpses that bring the ducks, geese, and swans, vividly to life. Published, printed, and produced entirely in the United States, this folio volume is large enough to do justice to Robin Hill's subtle, detailed paintings. Moreover, this is more than a beautiful, lavishly-produced art book. Its comprehensive treatment of North American waterfowl will satisfy the ornithologist. Its technical range and accuracy earn its place on the shelf of the wildlife biologist. Its splendid plates, typography, and design will please the connoisseur of fine books. The books paintings, essays, and technical text will deepen all bird lovers' enchantment with North America's ducks, geese, and swans.

Copies of this book are available for purchase directly from the artist, including copies which are signed by the artist and copies which have been remarqued by the artist (signed and embellished with a small drawing).

Robin had his first book published in 1960 and has been producing magnificent works ever since. From Australian Waterfowl through to the masterpiece The Waterfowl of North America, his books have all been met with critical acclaim.

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